It was a pleasure to stay at South Garden B&B it was our 21 wedding anniversary and our first time at South Garden B&B.
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Harrison Hot Springs Gardens At South Garden Vacation Rentals

Upon turning up the driveway, our guests are greeted with a marvellous array of colors ranging from yellows, to pinks, to reds, to whites, to greens, all softly gracing the meadow grasses. South Garden Harrison Hot Springs Vacation Rental is surrounded by a mature evergreen forest, growing high up above on Green Mountain, as well as a forest of Cedars and many other large and beautiful species standing stately among the home buildings.

Perennials faithfully perform each year with a display of color and uniqueness imparting a sense of awe to the viewer. In and among the perennials, splashing bright and vibrant color through out the yard are the playful annuals. Our Harrison Hot Springs Vacation Rentals are honored to share lovely parkland with our guests and friends.

The lush meadow grasses call, inviting bare foot wanderings, a nap on a yard blanket or on the garden hammock, a good read on the wooden park bench, or a relaxing game of croquet or bocce ball. South Garden Harrison Hot Springs Vacation Rental is certainly a destination of its own, beckoning our guests to come for just a few moments of pampering and refreshment.


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