It was a pleasure to stay at South Garden B&B it was our 21 wedding anniversary and our first time at South Garden B&B.
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The Back Porch At South Garden Vacation Rentals Near Harrison Hot Springs

After enjoying a restful night here at South Garden Harrison Hot Springs Vacation Rental, set out for a late morning tour of The Back Porch. Upon driving into the Back Porch estate, you will view a gorgeous, turn of the century Victorian home, stately situated on the land. Nearby is the studio where the action happens. Pottery is being thrown and also the beautifully finished product is displayed. Amid all of this, the aroma of fresh flame roasted coffee wafts through the air. A circa 1919 authentic Flame Roaster is doing the honors, producing delicious, flavor-filled coffee.

Wander the barn, where antiques are displayed, or into the gardens to take in the marvellous produce, all the while being aware of the chickens sauntering about, pecking for a morsel of grass.

Bring fresh ground coffee back to your suite at our Harrison Hot Springs Vacation Rental, and brew up a satisfying cup to enjoy while reading that good book or magazine.

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