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Sandy Cove Hike

June 5th, 2013

There are a number of great hikes and walks in the Harrison Hot Springs area. Last weekend, we decided to head out and explore one! When visiting Harrison, a lot of people make the short trek to the mouth of the hot springs, where the temperature of the water is a toasty 145 degrees Fahrenheit. Unbeknownst to many, there is a great little trail just beyond the hot springs that leads to a very sheltered sandy beach, perfect for a picnic. We recommend exercising caution when going barefoot on the beach; there was broken glass strewn across the sand on our last visit. Depending on your pace, this hike can be completed in about an hour round trip.



Head west on the beach trail past the Harrison Hot Springs Resort. Follow the trail past the hot springs itself, and look for a trail on the left, just before the gate at the end of the road.

The trail is marked with white and red reflective markers, and in some cases, bottle caps nailed to trees. The first few hundred meters are the toughest, as you climb up and over the rock bluff. You are rewarded with some nice views through the trees, so persevere!

As you come down the side of the hill, you are greeted with a t-junction at the bottom. Hang a right to Sandy Cove. If you follow along to the end of the beach, you can pick up the trail to Whippoorwill Point, and this trail loops back around to the t-junction.

Breakfast at South Garden B&B is quite a treat.

Most weekday mornings, Jacquie is up early, creating delectable culinary treats for our guests.  However, on weekends and during the summer, John has some time away from his job as a principal to help with the breakfast preparations.

John preparing our Omelet with Ham, Cheese and Peppers

One of our guest favorites are the Granola Yogurt Fruit Cups.  They look beautiful, are healthy and filling!

Our delicious Granola Yogurt Fruit Cups

Take a look at our menu to plan your breakfast for your next trip!

Jacquie preparing a Whole Wheat and Oat Belgian Waffle

A basket of croissants, ready to go down to a guest's room

If you’d like to try some of our breakfast creations in your own home, take a look at our recipes!


The Tulips Are Here!

April 14th, 2013
Each year, for a short period in April, the tulip fields of Seabird Island burst forth with an explosion of color unlike anything you’ve ever seen before. There are miles and miles of rows of flowers in all colors of the rainbow. This year the Tulips of the Valley Festival starts Saturday, April 13 and runs for about 2 weeks. Along with the requisite flower stands, you can find a small farmers market with local farmers offering their bounty for sale.
We recommend a good pair of shoes for this little trip, as there is a fair amount of walking involved. Check out our Pinterest page for more photos of this colorful experience.
Visit the Tulips of the Valley website for more information.

This Sunday, March 31, 2013,  Harrison Hot Springs will be featured on Global BC’s Small Town Feature!   The majestic beauty of our small town will be on display for the whole province to enjoy.

We’re planning to send some of our photos in.  If you have some fabulous pictures of Harrison Hot Springs, email them in to Global, but also email them to us ( we’ll showcase the best in a future blog post! Global’s Wesla Wong says, “Please also send a brief description of your photo and keep the photos between 200KB and 4MB in size. We will show some of these photos on TV during our show!”  You can email your pictures to .   Tune in to Global BC from 7-10am to view this feature!

What do you think of these photos?



Check out some of our other blog posts for more beautiful pictures!

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Can’t wait to see your photos!

This year marks the 35th anniversary of the Harrison Festival of the Arts! Always a great time, this fantastic 9 day event runs from July 6 – 14, and is packed with music, visual arts and crafts from all corners of the globe, as well as a special children’s day on July 10th!

Speaking of children, confirmed for this year is the ever popular children’s entertainer Fred Penner! He is the feature performer for Children’s Day, and will also be doing a mid-week beach front performance.

What makes this festival so special is the number of quality artists in a variety of genres including blues, roots, folk, Latin, and rock. There are beach front performances, as well as full length performances at the Harrison Memorial Hall, art exhibits and workshops too! With so much activity, there really is something for everyone at the Harrison Festival of the Arts.

Full festival details will be released in April, so stay tuned for more information! Be sure to book well in advance for these dates, as the Festival is always a popular time to stay here at South Garden.


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