It was a pleasure to stay at South Garden B&B it was our 21 wedding anniversary and our first time at South Garden B&B.
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Why Stay With Us Here At South Garden?

What is it that draws people to stay at a vacation rental?


South Garden has vacation rentals designed for privacy and comfort. We are here to accommodate the needs and wishes of today’s Harrison Hot Springs guests. Our vacation rentals are unique, have their own personality, and are much more than just a place to sleep. Usually hotels and motels are very predicable in their service and furnishing. Harrison Hot Springs guests will experience pleasant surprises, luxurious country comfort, and delicious culinary experiences, while staying with us here at South Garden vacation rentals.

Memorable experiences are created at South Garden, offering genuine service, respecting the privacy, desires and comfort of each of our guests and so making South Garden a truly quiet and rejuvenating solace. We would be pleased to be able to serve you.



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