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John and I South Garden owners travelled our beautiful area this weekend, pushing through the cold Nor’Easter, basking in blue skies and gorgeous scenery.  Mt Cheam  This is the view from South Garden’s driveway,  the cedar bough frame created by John and our son Aron last Christmas.   Sunday, the clouds were tossed about as the winds blew fiercely across Harrison Hot Springs Lake The cold wind blew creating white caps.  The setting sun left a pink tinge over the mountains.  It was indeed cold!  Umm I smell coffee.  Our next stop was to see Dan and Lynda at the Back Porch where we picked up our freshly ground Ethiopian Blend deep and rich coffee Back Porch   Notice the 1900’s coffee roaster.  Dan uses this machine to roast all his coffee each day.  The aroma is intoxicating upon entry to the Back Porch.   Lynda’s pottery is displayed, the work of an artist.   These hand thrown items would make great Christmas gifts Back Porch   John and I returned home, made ourselves a cup of full blend coffee with a contented sense of blessing…and we bless you as well.  Good chatting with you all :)

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