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The Wisteria has run up the rock face, along side the gentle run of the water fall.  White flowering fronds hang from wisteria branches, looking just like a water fall itself.  Beautiful.  The pink, purple and white Cosmos are blooming as well.  I do believe the sun will be shining this weekend.  Because of all the […]

The morning sun floods the hammocks with a welcoming warmth, a picture of rest and relaxation, a time to float and laze in timelessness.  Between the branches of the weeping willows, the clear blue sky fortells the awesome day ahead.  Come take this delightful opportunity in.  See you soon.

The gardens have been enjoying the rains as well as the rich, full bodied soil scooped into each bed.  The promise of peonies, roses and coral bells is just around the corner.  Can’t wait to breath in the wonderful scents and dazzle in the colors of spring with the promise of the warmth of summer.  […]

Welcome Away from the Rain

April 5th, 2011  Yes, come be warm and welcomed in your cozy getaway, here at South Garden Bed and Breakfast.  The Meadow Suite, as well as the Cedars Cottage offer a lovely, inviting fireplace, just for occasions such as this. And soon we trust we will taste spring in the air, with summer on us before we […]

Harrison Hot Springs Mt Cheam

November 22nd, 2010

View from South Garden Suites                                                                                               This view from South Garden Bed and Breakfast Suites      is a favorite photo Op for guests visiting Harrison Hot Springs.


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